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Imagine It. Create It.

Welcome to Hotkey Studios. Through meaningful storytelling and creative visual content, we help musicians, artists, business, and brands connect with audiences in new and innovative ways. Start your project with us today.

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About Hotkey Studios, LLC

Welcome to Hotkey Studios, a full-service production company dedicated to producing creative content to an array of clientele across the city of Memphis.  Whether its a musicians first music video or their 3rd studio album, Hotkey Studios is committed to providing uncompromised quality with the highest attention to detail. 

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“As a creative director I've used Hotkey Studios for my clients multiple times. They always bring great ideas to the table and an extremely high standard to any project. Time and time again, they continue to maintain competitive pricing for an unbelievable product. Would highly recommend Hotkey.” 


—  Chris Lott, Chris Lott Design

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